Andrew Bayer’s new album – In My Last Life, is the best we have heard from him till date!

In My Last Life

Anjunabeats legend and someone who is always known to push boundaries and experiment with his music – Andrew Bayer is out with a brand new album – In My Last Life.

This album is not your regular album that comes out from the Anjuna kitchen. It prompts you to sit back and immerse yourself in it. Andrew goes on to prove his versatility with his third release and each and every track in this album is unique and different, yet, it manages to leave a firm imprint in your mind.

Five years in the making, this third LP ‘In My Last Life’ represents a humanizing of the enigmatic producer’s sound – comprising of 8 heartfelt and emotional songs penned and delivered by Norwegian singer/songwriter Ane Brun and the incredible Alison May respectively.

It is also, quite simply, his defining work to date. An artistic statement and a perfectly considered body of work, ‘In My Last Life’ owes very little to the dancefloor that Andrew is often associated with – instead of drawing its inspirations from influences as far and wide as Kate Bush, Atoms Of Peace, Aphex Twin and Talk Talk. Through its 8 songs, the LP plots an enchanting, carefully spun tale of love and loss – explored through the narrative prisms of reincarnation and immortality.

Alison May swims in the overwhelming sensations of love in the ethereal electronic washes of ‘Tidal Wave’, looks at love through reincarnation on the dreamy ‘In My Last Life’ and whispers of stalking ex-lovers from beyond the grave on the shuffling, Timbaland-esque beats of ‘Immortal Lover’.

Ane Brun’s three turns, meanwhile, are as diverse as they are majestic. Nodding back to classics 80s ballads from Kate Bush and Sade, ’Love You More’ is a slow-building indie-pop beauty loaded with joy and musicality. Somewhere between Aphex Twin and The XX, ’Hold On To You’ is a string-laden, bittersweet ode to the recently departed, whilst the psychedelic synth-pop of ’Your Eyes’ that could easily be filed next to the best work of MGMT, Passion Pit et al.

And then there’s closer ‘End of All Things’, an anthemic, arm-waving electronica excursion, where Alison May sings in an ode to a recently lost love – capturing all the celebration, uncertainty and emotion at the end of a beautiful road.

A perfect closer, but ‘In My Last Life’ is also an album that needs to be taken in its entirety. Truly, this is Andrew Bayer’s magnum opus and it is one that deserves your time. Do lend your ear for this one and travel through the depths of Andrew’s sound. It also gives you an insight into his emotional quotient which beautifully laces the album.

Shivani Murthy



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