Antaeus Releases Tasteful Multi-Genre EP, ‘Chromasounds’

antaeus chromasounds ep

New York based producer Antaeus has jumped back into action with his new EP ‘Chromasounds’. This diverse musical treasure trove is out through Monom records and is available on all popular digital shelves.

Antaeus has been exploring new genres throughout his long musical career. His long list includes Chillout, Afro House, Tribal, World Beat etc. His last release ‘Angel’ is a gentle fusion between dancehall and Gregorian chants. Antaeus has taken a break after releasing ‘Angel’ in 2016. ‘Chromasounds’ is a perfect comeback EP for Antaeus as it stays loyal to his signature sound whilst providing a fresher perspective on his musical expeditions. According to Antaeus “synesthesia was the guiding energy while creating Chromasounds”. He also added that the EP was a “concept born by researching the relationship of sounds and colors. Emotions, scents, flavors and colors were morphing into vivid sounds.”. All the records were recorded and engineered by Antaeus. However, the EP mastered by Grammy winner Alex Psaroudakis. Give it a listen.

This six track EP is a box of shining Jewels. From a chill ‘I Love You’ featuring Christina Ralli to a calm remake of Antaeus’ 1997 record ‘Byzantine Meditation’, everything sits comfortably in the EP.

‘Soul Dancer’ with the upcoming Jamaican artist Yaksta steals the spotlight. Catchy vocals, synth stabs and cheerful basslines are the secret ingredients of this simple yet brilliant afro house record. ‘Less is more’ has been the concept during the pandemic and Antaeus acquainted himself with the idea quite well. Another record that shines differently is ‘Gregorian’ featuring Steven Wilson. As the name suggests, the record has Gregorian chants alongside a chill house instrumental. This midtempo record highlights Steven’s voice with its super muscular basslines and subtle melody structure. Although ‘Gregorian’ is a slower house variant, it can pack a solid punch on the dance floor. All the tracks in the EP were composed and produced in various parts of the world, therefore each track is made by taking different cultural inspirations. This explains the ever-changing theme with each track. Overall, this EP is a must have for any DJ and any Electronic music enthusiast.

Stream the entire EP here.

Read the full track list below:

1. I Love You – ft. Christina Ralli
2. Gregorian – ft. Steven Wilson
3. Soul Dancer – ft. Yaksta
4. I Will Never – ft. Yaksta
5. Chromasounds
6. Byzantine Meditation – ft. Natalis

Mmkrishna Cherla


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