Australian Composer And Producer Approaching Black Unveils Melodic House EP ‘You Fill My Soul’

approaching black you fill my soul

Australian label veteran Approaching Black returned to Monstercat today with the emotive melodic house EP, ‘You Fill My Soul’.

The five-track package is an immersive journey through cathartic soundscapes and soothing sounds of nature. The tech-house title track embraces environmental inspiration, with the percussion symbolizing the beauty of the sun setting, ocean waves lapping, and birds chirping.

“Stella Held My Hand” draws meaning from the celestial skies above, with a transcending vocal line over atmospheric pads, while the miraculous first moments of a precious newborn inspired the ambient compositions and lush textures on “New Life”. The EP displays the artistry and passion that lie within Approaching Black as his music tells meaningful stories that make him a timeless producer on the label.

Approaching Black shares, “In the light of nature, love and new life… inspiration is born. It breathes life to creativity and expression through sound – the music of life… the music that fills the soul.”


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