Arc Releases Video and Single for ‘Immune’ ft. Yamin Alma

Arc immune

With one more step until its eventual release, the forthcoming ‘An Evening with Loss’ LP from Arc signifies what members Tetsu Gomorrah and Charlie Howell have spent years crafting, a musicality which has stunned both tastemakers, producers and music fans alike.

Their work spans throughout the entire spectrum of dance music and their own extensive palettes have only gone on to help carve this talent. From trip-hop and future garage through to neo-soul, there’s a host of sub-genres which have been tapped into for their forthcoming record. But following the releases of ‘Down’ and ‘Cough’, the two singles which introduced their pivotal ‘An Evening with Loss’ project, fans appetites had already been whet – something that’s been aided by their immersive live presence.

The next part of the journey is ‘Immune’, which once more sees them bring onboard another artist to add their lush vocals into the mix. The soundscape which is explored throughout ‘Immune’ is IMMENSE, the type which is easy to fall into and get lost in its absolute lushness. It’s clear to see how they’ve already garnered extensive support, blending the elements of their production that creates a musical eclipse. The rolling beats of ‘Immune’, alongside its peaking voice overtures and sweeping layers of synthesis build a backdrop within which you can immerse your aural synapses. On first listen, their enviable production standard streams throughout a diligent composition and it nods to why Therapy Sessions were keen to bring Arc into their roster despite such a different style to their usual skull-stomping, dark dnb.

The lo-fi sounds of Arc draw you into another single from ‘An Evening with Loss’. It signifies how the album is set to be one of the most monumental outputs in Therapy Sessions’ sixteen years of history.

Hannah Helbert


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