Armin Van Buuren Innovates With New ‘Computers Take Over The World’ Release, Promoting Record With First-Ever Entirely AI Co-Created Campaign

armin van buuren computers take over the world

Today, Armada Music is releasing the next track from Armin van Buuren, “Computers Take Over The World”.

The track was premiered at EDC Las Vegas and has since been a staple in recent live sets, including Ultra Europe, and Tomorrowland. The track’s vocals were generated by the voice assistant of a MacBook, and all promotional assets for the release, from the artwork and the music video to this very press release, were co-created using AI technology.

Humorous and catchy, ‘Computers Take Over The World’ is a light-hearted way of poking fun at how reliant the world has become on technology, suggesting that one day a computer might even take over Armin van Buuren’s job. After all, everything you need is “a beat, you need a clap, put in some hats, and you need some bass!”

With the help of AI tools such as Stable Diffusion (artwork), The Deforum Notebook (video), OpenAI Playground (press release and social media copies), Munch App (social media assets), and design and technology firm Your Majesty (campaign guidance), Armin van Buuren, lead the first ever AI co-created marketing campaign for a music release.

Though the track is playful, the concept of a world fully intertwined with AI technology is quite thought provoking. With this innovative marketing campaign where nearly every step of this release involved some form of AI assistance, Armin van Buuren highlights how we may not be so far off from this reality.

Promotional elements of the campaign were shaped from well-written prompts inputted into the AI tools and what transpired were detailed artworks, videos, and factual text about Armin van Buuren and this release. Only minor adjustments were made by humans to the assets that AI created, showcasing that perhaps with just a little more learning, computers really could take over the world!

On the music, Armin van Buuren (ahem, the AI text bot) comments: “The lyrics for ‘Computers Take over The World’ were actually created by playing around with the voice assistant on my laptop. I was amused by how things would sound when read by that robotic voice and thought it would be fun to create a silly song about how computers can do almost anything nowadays.”

Armin van Buuren is one of the most important names in the dance music scene. He has been releasing music and touring for over two decades, and he is showing no signs of slowing down. His weekly radio show, A State Of Trance, is one of the most popular shows in the genre. He also runs multiple record labels and is always championing new and upcoming producers. With over 12 million monthly listeners on Spotify, it is clear that Armin van Buuren is one of the most beloved names in the industry.


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