Armin van Buuren’s Collaboration With Luke Bond Will Be Out On June 7, 2019

Armin van Buuren revolution

If you witnessed Armin’s set during Ultra Music Festival this year, you would have definitely noticed a tune that stood out.

This was his own collaboration with Luke Bond and KARRA, “Revolution”. This track will now be out on the 7th of June.

The track has a genuine capability to set any crowd abuzz with its euphoric, high octane drop! KARRA’s vocals add a lot of beauty to it, making you want to sing it along as you lose yourself to it on the dance floor. We guarantee you a hair-raising experience as you listen to this track at your favorite club quite soon!

Luke Bond is surely a talent that you need to explore much more. After his recent hit single “Maelstrom”, he has proved to be a talent that deserves a lot of attention. KARRA’s voice is already familiar with most dance music fans over the past two years.

This track surely will enhance the reach of these young talents and bring them more followers- after all, it’s a collaboration with the master Armin himself!

Stay tuned for the release and share the news with your friends now!

Pavan Kumar


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