Armin van Buuren’s New GAIA Album – Moons Of Jupiter, Is Out This Month

armin van buuren gaia moons of jupiter

A few days ago, we spoke about the upcoming Gaia album and the speculation around the dates of the release.

Trance fans, mark your calendars! “Moons Of Jupiter” is out on the 21st of June! Yes, you heard us right.

Armin van Buuren took to his radio show, “A State of Trance” to break the news. Laden with 21 brand new tracks, the album will cruise through the spectrum of Gaia’s diverse sounds and will be an eclectic mix of deep, progressive, melodic and good old trance. The tracks have been named after and represent the moons of Jupiter.

Gaia has always managed to blow our minds and seeing their debut album with such a unique concept being pieced together just continues to pique our interest further. To give an insight into what the album will be like, three tracks from the album were debuted on the radio show, which have received good feedback till this point.

Check out the episode below:

Will the album spawn off a possible tour, see them play at more festivals or play around more with the concept? Only time can tell. Till then, we’ve set our reminders and we’ll be glued to our phones on the 21st to catch the album as soon as it is out!

Are you looking forward to it as well? Let us know in the comments below!


The album has been released. Stream it below!

Shivani Murthy


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