ARMNHMR Team Up With NURKO For Angsty Dance Anthem “Won’t Make A Sound” Featuring Micah Martin

armnhmr won't make a sound

Leading Asian-American dance duo ARMNHMR continue on their upward trajectory this year, linking with producer and instrumentalist NURKO for their poignant new single, “Won’t Make A Sound” featuring singer-songwriter Micah Martin.

Out on Monstercat today, the bass-meets-screamo ballad sees ARMNHMR switch gears from their usual uplifting, heartwarming melodies, to hard-hitting, emotive drops that confront pain and letting go. Micah’s vulnerable lyricism feels like a page out of his diary, with pop-punk tones that evoke a sense of nostalgia for that era.

ARMNHMR share, “‘Won’t Make A Sound’ is a song about sudden loss and change. It’s about the picture we paint of someone special, only to realize they never framed us in the same light. People come and go in our lives, but this song in particular deals with the people who felt they’ve “grown” past you — especially if you no longer benefit them. It’s about wrestling with your own worth, even when others can’t see it themselves.”

NURKO adds, “Micah uses his songwriting to express the hardships of love, and we kept the story going through the instrumentation, mixing a melancholy feel with anger in the drops.”

Coming off their acclaimed ‘Waiting For Love’ EP with over four million streams, ARMNHMR are championing their best year to date. Their North American headline tour saw over 30,000 fans across 20 shows in just four months – a record high for them. Next, their summer run has them hitting 20 additional stops with major festival appearances including EDC Las Vegas, where they’ll premiere “Won’t Make A Sound” for hundreds of thousands on the Main Stage.


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