Canadian Producer Ashton Adams Teams Up With Ryan Respinto And Alex Price For New House Single “Action”


Canadian artist Ashton Adams is back in full force with his new track “Action” with American DJ/Producer Ryan Respinto and vocalist Alex Price, hailing from Canada.

Opening with soulful vocals layered over a groovy bassline, Adams and Respinto seamlessly build into a bouncy and house-forward drop. The elements of garage and bass give the track a unique touch that crosses genre boundaries, making it feel at home, whether on the radio or in the club.

“Action” is out on Adams’s own label Kyngdom Records; he also debuted earlier this year on Ultra Records and recently co-wrote and co-produced “Aces” for Connor Price and Idris Elba. Read on for the full story behind the track from Ashton himself, and keep an eye out for more new music from all three talented artists.

“My TikTok and Instagram this year has been doing pretty well with a few viral videos, and I have been able to build an awesome fan base and connect with house music lovers across the world, including some awesome producers. I connected with Ryan over TikTok, and we began sending ideas back and forth, and we came up with “Action.” We knew this one was special, and we took the time to really refine it to make sure that the listener is taken on a journey from beginning to end. ‘Action’ is one of my favorite tracks that I have worked on this year. The vocals and the way the track moves is special, and I believe every dance music fan that listens to it will love it.” – Ashton Adams

As a producer, label owner, and drummer, Ashton Adams has had an illustrious career shaped by creating and collaborating on music that represents his love of underground hip-hop and house music.

He has worked with many artists and brands in various capacities, including viral Tik-Tok star 347aidan, Bryan “BC” Cockett, Vito Luprano (Celine Dion’s executive producer), Miami’s Hit Factory where Nicki Minaj, Timbaland, Daddy Yankee, AC/DC, and more recorded at where he met 100M’s.

He is also the founder and operator of the Canada-based Kyngdom Records and Kyngdom Studios, where signed artists include the popular Justin Bieber doppelganger, Brad Sousa. To add to his resume, Ashton will also be touring with renowned Canadian rock band Stereos as a drummer with Brad Sousa for their reunion tour in the summer of 2022.

He gives back to the community as a high priority and partnered with The Waterloo Region District School Board to offer classes for high schoolers who are passionate about singing, rapping, music production, photography, and cosmetology. Stay tuned for more music coming from Ashton Adams in the near future.


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