ATLiens return to Earth with foreboding new single – Exile


After touching down with their EP “Invasion” earlier this year, the enigmatic duo ATLiens have then announced their Full North American “Invasion Tour” and unleash a brand new record – Exile, to set the tone.

Their latest single is a heavy-hitting track with an eerie sense of apocalyptic foreboding. With its warbling, wobbling basslines and plenty of serrating synths, “Exile” captures the essence of ATLiens in its sinister, yet singular feel – the listener almost feels as if they are the societal outsiders and the ones shut off from humanity. Following “Invasion,” “Exile” marks the beginning of the second phase of ATLiens’ universal infiltration. Now that we’ve been offered a glimpse into the inner working of ATLiens’ psyche, we can’t wait to see what they give us next.

Prior to their first release “Interstellar,” there had been several suspected ATLiens sightings around the globe. They were spotted wearing their signature chrome masks while tearing up stages in United States and Australia early in 2018, so it’s only a matter of time before they make their next touchdown. After releasing the hard-hitting “Malfunction” with TYNAN, ATLiens then hit Earth with their six track EP “Invasion,” full of bass-heavy, robotic tracks that caught the attention of humans around the globe. ATLiens are growing even more fearless with every coming release, which leads us to believe that there will be more appearances during this summer’s full-fledged music season. Stay tuned for more signals from ATLiens.

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