Aviella And Conro Unveil New Electro-Pop Single “Way Back”

aviella way back

Flourishing in-demand artist Aviella today joined forces with Canadian producer and singer-songwriter Conro for their pop-fueled dance single, “Way Back” on Monstercat.

Arriving as the first officially-released song recorded in Monstercat’s Los Angeles studio, it’s a surefire summer anthem that affirms the duo’s kinetic energy. The track blends Conro’s signature bouncy synths and earworm soundscapes with uplifting lyrics that he had written in an old notebook, awaiting the perfect topline. Once Aviella and Conro connected in the studio, Aviella’s stunning vocals paired effortlessly with the bright chords, igniting an instant hit.

Aviella shares, “‘Way Back’” came together so naturally and it was so awesome working on this with Conro and our Swedish co-writers! When brainstorming ideas for the song, we wanted to explore the idea of finding comfort in the unknown, whilst also knowing there’s always space in our soul for the places we call home.”

Conro adds, “This song came from an organic place. It was a song I had been thinking about for a long while, then connecting with Aviella, she was the missing piece! It’s about feeling low but remembering the people in your life to help you along the way. I’m so happy with how this song turned out!”

Amassing nearly 50 million streams and collaborations with leading producers such as Slushii, QUIX, ARMNHMR, and Claude VonStroke, Aviella has made career-defining moves in just a few years. Her recent hit “tell me what you’re thinking” earned a #1 spot on Billboard’s Dance/Mix Show Airplay Chart followed by her nomination for ‘Best New Artist at the 2022 EDM Awards. She continues to dominate the live circuit with performances at legendary venues like Madison Square Garden and The Shrine, becoming a tour de force in the dance space.

Continuously carving a path as an instrumental electronic virtuoso, Conro has become one of Monstercat’s core artists over the last decade. Following a string of deeply emotive singles this year, he’s proven his musicianship spans genres and audiences. Appearing on Spotify billboards, securing countless Sirius XM spins, and reaching #1 on the US Dance Radio Charts, the only way from here is up for Conro.


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