AWAY unveils official video for hit single – Honest To Gød


AWAY has released the official music video for his sophomore single “Honest To Gød” with the production adopting a familiar dark and sinister tone, chronicling the various murderous felonies of the video’s lead female character.

Continuing his meteoric rise amongst an elite class of cutting edge producers, AWAY pushes sonic boundaries while injecting authentic, raw emotion and true artistry into all of his music & visual releases. ‘Honest To Gød’ centres around Charity’s breathy, vocal delivery, with the video – directed by AWAY’s mysterious creative director VIIISION – giving viewers a bone chilling tinge of raw emotion as a Deputy Sheriff attempts to solve various atrocities.

VIIISION, who has previously created video productions for the likes of Travis Scott and various other big names across the music industry, gives insight into a relationship twisted by lies, loss, and longing for forgiveness; key themes of the track according to Charity who added:

“The lyrics are so very raw and I wanted them to lay in a bed of harmonies amidst AWAY ’s enthralling yet cold track. I imagined a steel, abandoned factory where dripping pipes run on the ceilings and no breathing being is found for miles. Somehow I stumbled upon it and was baptized in the fire, hoping my sins could be cleansed. The last line, “What have I done to you, I wasn’t honest at all…” is yet another beginning of the cycle of regret that no amount of prayer can erase.”

The video for ‘Honest To Gød’ is out now, solidifying AWAY’s reputation as one of dance music’s most exciting, and fast-rising talents.


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