Bakermat releases animated video for his single – Partystarter

Bakermat Partystarter music video

Dutch DJ and producer Bakermat has released a fun new music video for his single “Partystarter”, adding fuel to the exciting vibe of the track itself.

The video shows Baker himself as a Snoopy-like dog that plays some music from behind the decks and it is absolute fun just to watch the video!

Starting off with some strong guitar music, the track gets dynamic and uplifting. With a tempo that won’t let you settle even for a moment, the track sees amazing vocals and an addictive electric-guitar bit. The video shows how this dog-DJ starts the party while it transports all the music fans to a whole new world which is dominated by some piano works and some tribal-like beats. Ending on a high note, the track instantly makes you want to hit ‘replay’.

“Partystarter is my most experimental track to this date. I’ve never produced a track this fast, loud and heavy before in my life. It came from my burning desire to dive into the studio with real rock artists and create something totally unique, combining elements of Rock, Metal, Hip Hop and dance altogether. It’s also the first time most of the elements in my song are completely analog, recorded with imperfections that give it a human touch. For me, this track is the ultimate party anthem, something I want to hear when I’m feeling euphoric and want to dance in a crowded room full of equally euphoric people.” – Bakermat

The producer who started his career in 2012, is known to produce music with different influences like electronic, deep, tropical house, techno, and jazz. Having started his career in music while studying psychology at Utrecht University, he came into the scene with his EPs “Zomer” and “Vandaag”. With many more albums like “Living”, “Dreamreacher”, “Teach Me” and singles like “One Day”, “Games”, and “Don’t Want You Back”, the artist has shown his potential to create creative music!

Treat yourself to some uplifting and experimental music with this track from Bakermat. Leave your comments about the track below and download it here.

Pavan Kumar


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