Bassjackers, Breathe Carolina & Apek – The Fever


Too many cooks definitely don’t spoil the broth with this new Spinnin’ release. Bassjackers, Breathe Carolina & Apek have come together to make an epic big room banger aptly named, The Fever.

It’s undeniable that Bassjackers are one of Holland’s most legendary electro house duo’s. Having produced everything from dirty dutch to dubstep, house and electro/progressive house, they’ve collaborated with Afrojack, Martin Garrix and Showtek among many significant others. The perfectly synced duo have brought the bass that this track needs, perfectly combined with Breathe Carolina’s and Apek’s strong melodic approach that rides high in the mix.

Familiar to each-others work, this is Breathe Carolina & Bassjackers third collaboration already. After working on Can’t Take It and Marco Polo together, you know this isn’t the end of their beautiful relationship, as musical co-workers and friends alike!

“Who could have thought that one epic night in the strip club could result in three collaborations. We think friendship is the key which makes our times in the studio together more fun and thus, more productive. This time joined by productional wizard Apek, who puts his progressive touch to this project” – BASSJACKERS

With another casual 27 releases from Breathe Carolina last year alone, along with multiple top 10 beat port releases as-well as their EP Coma hitting #1 on iTunes, these guys are one of the most exciting acts in the dance music scene.

“It’s crazy to think that you can randomly meet someone and instantly become the closest of friends with them, that is how it was for us with both BASSJACKERS and APEK.. from chicken wings to the main stage our friendship keeps growing and there is lots more to come!”

This seriously infectious tune is helping us fight our way to the reluctant end of Summer 2017. With heavy vocals, sturdy kicks and strong chords, the dream team at work create a frenzy like no other with new single, The Fever.

Download it here.


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