Bassjackers – Les Pays Bass EP

Les Pays Bass

A spin on Les Pays Bass, which is French for ‘the Netherlands’, Dutch duo Bassjackers now brings you its EP ‘Les Pays Bass’.

The ‘Les Pays Bass EP’ is energy driven dance music from the Netherlands, that sees Bassjackers step out of their comfort zone by exploring different styles and BPMs – while still keeping their signature sound and energy you know and love.

On the EP, you’ll find ‘Wobble & Jiggle’ a real sizzler with a bigroom sound that’ll make the booties shake; ‘Get Loud’ with crazy rhythms that have the power to destroy any dance floor; and ‘Nasty’ a dirty, bass-driven banger collab with crazy Canadian duo Crisis Era. A nice bonus to the EP: a brand new remix to Bassjacker’s track with KSHMR, ‘Fireflies’, by the super talented Crossnaders, who give their high energy take on the melodic hit.

“The biggest challenge for this EP was to explore boundaries while at the same time staying true to our sound. Working with Crisis Era was an amazing experience. The guys are super fun and incredibly talented. Shout out to Crossnaders, they crushed the remix!” – Bassjackers

Download it here.


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