Bassrush Records’ “The Prophecy Vol 1” Compilation Sheds Light On The Next Generation Of Bass Music Artists

bassrush records the prophecy vol 1 compilation

At the end of the month, Bassrush Records is prophesizing the future through a new conceptual compilation album that aims to shed light on artists that deserve to be on your radar.

Having cemented itself as a curating voice across its many festival/concert stages around the world, the Bassrush crew is now ready to echo that reputation with a new album series, which looks to the next generation of bass music artists. The Prophecy Volume 1 sees the Bassrush Records crew looking deep into their crystal ball to reveal a handful of artists, all of which they believe are operating steps ahead of the game.

These prophecies take shape in an 11-track package that brings together all manner of up-and-coming and established producers with dubstep, freeform, and experimental tendencies. A quick glance at the track list alone should give you a sense of the type of ruckus this compilation brings to the forefront, with cuts coming from Esseks, Mystic Grizzly, Cromatik, Abelation, EAZYBAKED, and more! From face-melting wonk to bone-rattling wobbles, each of these cuts is guaranteed to blow your dome through the roof.


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