Bassrush Records Releases The Sixth Installment Of Its ‘The Prophecy’ Compilation

bassrush records the prophecy volume 6

Bassrush Records is ready to reveal the sixth installment of its bi-annual ‘The Prophecy’ compilation album, featuring 11 new tracks from some of the most promising names in bass music.

For nearly two and a half years now, the Bassrush crew has been throwing around predictions on artists who they believe are going to be making major moves within the imminent future. Those forecasts have been shared in the shape of their ongoing ‘Prophecy’ series, which is aimed at championing producers who have been making noise within dubstep, trap, drum & bass, and beyond. The latest edition is swarming with jaw-dropping talent that is guaranteed to not disappoint. ‘The Prophecy: Volume 6’ is also its most dynamic foretelling yet, leaning further into various subgenres through new additions that include tracks from Heimanu, OG Nixin, Skellytn, PIERCE, Chassi, and more.

The fast-rising OddKidOut kickstarts the compilation with the lead cut, “DISTORTO,” stacking the odds in his favor with a raw left-field number with hints of hip-hop and rock that pays tribute to his Philadelphia stomping grounds.

“I wanted to bridge the gap between punk, electronic and boom bap,” says OddKidOut. “To me, it represents a lot of my roots from Philly by incorporating that Philly swing and highlighting the grittiness of the east coast. It’s one of my recent favorites, and really feels like a melting pot of all my influences.”

L.A-based drum & bass phenom Skellytn pulls the trigger with Aussie artist Doctor Werewolf on their frenetic drum & bass heater “Empty The Clip,” featuring a high-caliber ragga vocal from Jamaica’s RichieLoop.

Skellytn shares her thoughts on the collab: ‘Empty the Clip’ is a product of three great minds coming together. Getting to team up with Doctor Werewolf and Richie Loop to create this energetic, heavy drum & bass tune was an incredibly fun creative process.”

“I love the way Richie’s brash and braggadocious style meshes with the hard-hitting drum & bass Skelly and I did here,” adds Doctor Werewolf. “A true international meeting of the minds from LA to Kingston via Sydney.”

Dialing back the intensity on his atmospheric D&B creation, “Melting Bismuth,” the St Louis native Notaker creates an immersive and ethereal journey through intricate breakbeat patterns, chopped up and echoing vox, tender piano keys and melodies that liquify the piece in all the right ways.

Holding it down on the wave front, Sydney’s Heimanu lets his NuRave sound smack to the point of unconsciousness on “Slumber.” The energy is anything but sleepy, as he works around massive, heart-pounding trap beats, epic horn progressions, and orchestral elements cooling things off in-between the calamity.

On “DubWub,” another potent pairing comes to light through a collab from Aussie talent Volt and Arizona-born PIERCE. They opt for a more experimental framework, assembling a wonky and wub-heavy freeform track that has the power to tickle wooks all the way on the inside.

“The intent of the ‘Dub Wub” was to be a weird experiment but still a very hard-hitting song,” says Volt. “That song that when you play it live, grabs everyone’s attention.”

“Thrilled to finally be releasing this wubby banger and even more thrilled to be returning to Bassrush to do so,” exclaims PIERCE.

Hydraulix and distortion-fiend SUAHN come together on “Brain Damage.” The track is a contusion-inducing cut that finds them going deep as all hell. It rides along a dark, cavernous groove that shows deep dubstep at its finest.

“We had the idea of merging SUAHN’s techno vibe with my deep, wubby vibe,” says Hydraulix. “I’ve always wanted to work with Bassrush on the label side as I’ve actually played a few shows for them and have always been a fan of their work. When the opportunity came up to put this track on the compilation, I was super excited especially, as me and SUAHN have been wanting to drop this for a while and Bassrush seems like a perfect home!”

OG Nixin links up with California’s king of quack, Duck Beats, on a track that meshes their off-kilter styles together seamlessly. “Still Bussin” smacks like no other, powered by an ever-changing groove bolstering quirky vocal samples, slabs of bottom frequencies, laser flourishes, and sharp synth stabs.

Duck Beats breaks things down: “It was a lot of fun working with OG Nixin. The track came together while chilling in a discord sesh, sending sounds back and forth, and then taking turns on arranging stuff around. Bassrush has been a part of my life ever since I’ve gotten into bass music, so it means a lot to me to be able to release a track with them.”

BLVK SHEEP interjects with “INTERRUPT!” a bold dubstep disrupter that won’t be ignored. He cuts into the scheduled programming with his wobbly, earth-shaking methodology, resulting in a track that has been putting in work for him on the road.

“‘INTERRUPT!’ is a hard-hitting tune I made for playing out in live shows and has always gotten a crazy good reaction,” elaborates BLVK SHEEP.

Canadian sensation Stoned Level barges in with heavy riddim vibes. “Bust Like” tosses its weight around for nearly four minutes of nonstop metallic synth sequences and neck-breaking low-end grinds.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Chassi keeps that same energy burning on his contribution to the compilation. “Awakening” is a jolt of peak-time energy, packing a stimulating punch of alertness through crunchy bottom frequencies, shrilling textures and razor-sharp progressions.

“I was just experimenting with a lot of new, previous sound design,” says Chassi. “After nailing down the heavy drops, the motivation was instantly there and the whole tune came together in two days.”

“Comethru” takes the honors of being the final offering from the package, which finds jordnmoody and Deafadil winding things down with some weird and wild late-night magic. The track plays off those familiar moments when the afterhours texts are sent out feverishly, slowly bumping and grinding through the wee hours of the morning.

Across the entire 11-track run, the “Prophecy: Volume 6’ compilation is another strong statement from the Bassrush Records team on the artists you should be keeping close tabs on.

Prophecy Vol. 6 Track List

1. OddKidOut – DISTORTO
2. Skellytn, Doctor Werewolf – Empty The Clip ft. Richie Loop
3. Notaker – Melting Bismuth
4. Heimanu – Slumber
5. Volt, PIERCE – DubWub
6. Hydraulix, SUAHN – Brain Damage
7. OG Nixin, Duck Beats – Still Bussin
9. Stoned Level – Bust Like
10. Chassi – Awakening
11. jordnmoody, Deafadil – Comethru

The ‘Prophecy Vol. 6’ compilation is available on all platforms via Bassrush Records.


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