If Found Teams Up With Becko For New Single, ‘Alive’

becko alive

L.A-based producer if found teams up with nightcore artist Becko on their debut single for Lost In Dreams Records, “Alive,” an emo-fueled melodic bass collab that brings both of their strengths to the fore.

Merging his talent with explosive producer Becko, if found has met his match on a new collab with the power to strip away reality until there’s nothing left. “Alive” carries the weight of a rocktronic anthem, imbued with a world of angst that is impossible to escape.

The existential dread seeps out from every crevice of Becko’s vocal delivery, working around afflicted lyrics about needing to detach from society to regain some sanity. His impassioned vocals pair nicely with the glitchy beat they throw underneath, which ravages itself through electrifying guitar riffs, thunderous bass, pitch-shifting synths, slick trap beats, and the anime-friendly samples that have become a trademark for Becko’s sound.

“‘Alive’ is about the self-destructive things we do to experience those moments where everything else melts away and all that matters is the present,” says if found. “It’s a song that’s very personal and resonates with my own internal struggles to find balance in my life. Marco’s (BECKO) writing and performance brings the perfect level of raw emotion and controlled dynamics to convey the honest, but dark message underpinning the song.”

Becko adds his own thoughts, as well: “‘Alive’ is a special track for both of us. We found a good feeling writing it and we wrote it in 2 or 3 days as we were in the same line, same path. ‘Alive’ is a song about finding oneself, about deep talks with our inner self, finding the reasons for our existence in the meaning of feelings and emotions, To feel alive, we need to be in the deepest, darkest side of our mind; not being scared about that and accepting it with the awareness to evolve as human beings.”

Before bursting into the nightcore scene, Becko cut his teeth as the bassist and singer of the post-metal band Hopes Die Last. His former self still lives on through the lens of his new electronic music project, fusing pitch-black rock influences and gritty dubstep sounds together to create sounds that neither genre could accomplish on their own.

Carson Maki is the brains behind the moniker if found. He originally popped up on the Lost In Dreams catalog last year, partnering up with producer and singer Nytrix on their “Against Time” collab for the inaugural ‘Gateway’ compilation. Beyond that, he’s established himself as a revelation in the melodic bass genre, having racked up millions of streams on his single “Dead of Night,” “Could’ve Been Us” alongside Tyron Hapi and Emily Falvey, and most notably on the “Getting Late” collab with SLANDER on their own Heaven Sent imprint. Known for balancing beautiful melodies with violent sound design, if found that should already be on your watchlist.

At the end of September, if found will be performing at the Lost In Dreams 2022 festival in Downtown Las Vegas, where he will share the stage with a wealth of can’t-miss acts, such as William Black, San Holo, DROELOE, Kasbo, Whethan, as well as other label regulars from the likes of Amidy, Highlnd, Zack Gray, helloworld, and more.

If found and Becko’s new single “Alive” is available on all platforms via Lost In Dreams.


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