Swiss newcomer – Benjamin Koehn releases fantastic new single [LISTEN]

Benjamin Koehn

Benjamin Koehn is a Swiss newcomer to the EDM scene. At his young age of 19 years, he has already released two singles and produced soundtracks for the acrobatics group Zurcaroh (Winner of Gold Buzzer – American’s Got Talent 2018).

Besides his producing and DJ skills he is also a singer, plays the guitar, the piano and has been playing the drums since the age of 5.

And its drums that heavily influence his fantastic new single – ‘Finally, You’re Here’.

‘Finally, You’re Here’ is all about those sonic synth lines immaculately coupled with powerful vocals. The tune begins with some fantastic drum work complimenting the vocals. Benjamin wastes no time in getting his listeners in the zone by building the pace of tune right from the word go. As the tune grows, the synths become prominent, bursting the tune into a surreal festival banger.

Keep a lookout for this guy, here.

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