Bensley Releases New Single, ‘No Problems’

bensley no problems

Bensley stifles off any sense of burden with his new single “No Problems,” a genre-defying nod to his roots as part of the sixth season of releases on NIGHTMODE.

Real ones remember when a then-unknown teenage bedroom producer made jaws fall straight down to the floor as a drum & bass newcomer with a wealth of innovation beyond his years.

Since initially catching swathes of seasoned vets off-guard through his critically acclaimed debut album way back in 2015, Toronto’s pride and joy has made a habit out of shattering expectations. On top of earning respect from the gatekeepers of the D&B space, the multifaceted producer has blindsided the bass music congregation with highbrow, leftfield-aligned ideas disguised as nondenominational dancefloor burners.

His fluid sound spills over into the fringes of envelope-pushing influences without ever falling into the trap of being boxed in with the chin-stroking fare, an impressive tightrope act that he’s refined to perfection as he matures with age. On his debut appearance with NIGHTMODE, the sounds from his formative years are seeing a new light, one that has been refracted through his genre-bending lens.

“No Problems” eases into the frame with a cinematic intro, its light percussive shuffle winding itself up atop a glimmer of moody keys and foreboding padlines. Layers of the breakbeat backbone begin to lock into place, as the reedy vocal refrains glide seamlessly across a complex matrix of pulsating low-end, bleeping embellishments and murky melodies.

The lofty chords and punchy bass motifs from the bridge lay the nostalgia on thick, before looping around to the wobbly call-and-response of the climax that will cause a spike of dopamine—especially for heads who made the pilgrimage through the dawn of dubstep. Beyond celebrating a pivotal turning point for what many consider to be a golden age for bass music, Bensley continues to be a breath of fresh air as one of the most forward-thinking names in the game.

“This one is a bit of an homage to early 2010 dubstep and UK garage, which was my gateway into the electronic music world. I’ve tried to incorporate the bouncy drums and wobbling basslines that are symbolic of that era, while staying true to my own style and bringing it up to date with current production standards. Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it”–Bensley


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