Go On “Holiday” With Bingo Players And Oomloud’s Latest Single

bingo players holiday

Bingo Players and Oomloud team up to bring you much-needed vacation vibes with their latest release “Holiday” featuring vocals from Séb Mont.

Whether you’re opening presents under the Christmas tree, lighting a menorah, or sipping’ Coladas at the pool, a holiday is a holiday. Bingo Players’ and his collaborator friends’ newest track capture these upbeat and laid-back vibes for a joyous sonic ride that’s bound to hit the sweet spot all year round.

“The last 18 months or so have been difficult for most of us. The world has changed in many ways, we’ve been more isolated than ever and many have missed out on time away with friends & family. I wanted to end the year with “Holiday” a track that’s uplifting and has a positive vibe and message. Whether you’re going on vacation or celebrating Christmas, Hanukah, Diwali, Kwanzaa or another Winter holiday, you can relax with this fun tune,” Bingo Players says.

Bingo Players had a notable 2020, averaging 3 million + monthly listeners and over a half million followers on Spotify. Bingo Players released 12 new tracks in 2020, including “Forever Love” which peaked at US Dance Radio at #4 after spending ten weeks on the chart and entering the top 40 pop radio at #46. Bingo Players 2020 re-work of his track “Devotion” garnered more than 10mm+ plays in addition to being a top-performing Beatport track and records like “Brighter Days” received solid support from top DJs.

Current YouTube subscribers for Bingo Players account is over 300K and his label, Hysteria Records has built their audience to over 400K subscribers through the steady release of meaningful club records curated by Bingo Players.

Oomloud and Bingo Players have come together for previous releases including “Touch & Go,” “Shed My Skin,” and “Brighter Days.” Oomloud’s can be characterized by their bouncy and energetic club sound.

Séb Mont is an up-and-coming singer from Austria, who recently signed to Warner Chappell and Guesstimate. He’s recently done sessions with artists and writers including Afrojack, Mike Candys, Junge Junge, Ester Dean, and more. “Holiday” shows off Séb’s finest pop and dance talents.

Get together with your loved ones and feel the warmth, as the ‘Holiday’ streams now on Spinnin’ Records.


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