Bishu Releases Melodic Drum & Bass Banger “Hurt Me Too” Featuring McCall

bishu hurt me too

Canadian producer Bishu returned to Monstercat today with his newest single “Hurt Me Too” featuring vocalist McCall.

Bishu’s refined production chops shine through as the warm chord stacks, floating vocals, and ambient guitar add a layer of emotional depth to this otherwise high-energy single.

As the track swells, the crisp percussion and deep bassline drives the drop forward, while the processed vocal chops create an infectious melody that will be sure to get stuck in your head all week. A simultaneously solemn and uplifting tune, “Hurt Me Too” is a reminder that sometimes what we want isn’t always the best for us.

Bishu shares, “This song was a big step in me defining my sound in genres outside of what I’m used to. I think it compliments both my current sound and the style it finds itself in very well. Can’t wait to hear what people think!”

McCall adds, “For whatever reason, humans love what they can’t have. This song is about when that longing is no longer fun, but you can’t seem to stop yourself from pursuing it even though you know it’s going to end in rejection.”


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