Bite This! Release Remix Compilation Celebrating 100 Releases

jauz bite this

Jauz knows a lot can happen in three years’ time. In fact, his next release delivers on that very notion. Bite This! have unleashed 100, a remix compilation celebrating the artists and tracks who exemplify the spirit of his wave-making label.

Since the launch of Bite This! back in November of 2017, the adventurous DJ and producer has fostered a label that’s home to divergent talents from all across the musical spectrum. In addition to popularizing the bass house sound in North America with a stunning roster of releases from artists new and established alike, Bite This! became the launch point for Off The Deep End — the sister imprint that propels club-adjacent subgenres such as deep house, tech house, and acid house.

“My goal from day one was always to push as much music as we possibly could, while still doing our best to give each release its opportunity to shine. That’s a really tough balancing act to maintain, but over the years I think Bite This! has found its stride,” says the label founder, whose real name is Sam Vogel. “Taking a second to look back at all the music we’ve put out, it’s really mind-blowing to realize how many different artists, how many different styles, how many different countries and continents we’ve touched.”

To that effect, the 16-track compilation features remixers from across the United States, Europe and the UK. This high-energy, sonic celebration of the Bite This! legacy offers a comprehensive look back at the artists who made the label what it is, as well as a glimpse at the fearless newcomers who are actively shaping it into the powerhouse it’s soon to become.

The label boss himself takes HEYZ’s “Clear” on a skull-crushing ride that gets a pleasant touch from TIANN’s crystalline vocals. Other reimagined cuts include Ricky West’s breakneck, electro-house rework of “Night Moves”, originally produced by Dutch artist, Gerald Le Funk and Polish duo, LOUD ABOUT US! Speaking of all-star teams, Franky Nuts and OLIVERSE, give their dreamy, bass-heavy treatment to Jauz & First’s “Velvet Paradise.” Plus, Pixel Terror returns with a special VIP of their digital symphony, “Crush,” featuring singer Josh Rubin.

Additional artists on the compilation are AFK, SQWAD, MNNR, Skepsis, Left/Right, Dubloadz, Isenberg, Broken Saga, Brian Softwell, and Axel Boy who lends his lightning-fast dnb touch to Jauz’s, “Get to Me.”

“The first words I added to the Bite This! landing page, before the label was even set up, was ‘Welcome to the family,’” Vogel continues. “And that’s what Bite This! really feels like to me — a way for artists to not just feel connected to myself, but to each other, using the label as a common bond. My goal over the next 100 releases is to keep growing that bond and growing our reach around the world.”

With the 100 compilation, Vogel hopes to bolster these amazing relationships and showcase what’s possible when artists come together to make extraordinary art.

“I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Bite This!,” Vogel shares with pride. “Whether you’ve been there since our first release or have just heard about us thanks to our centennial release, thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting us and allowing us to build something that I truly believe to be special.”


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