Black Sun Empire team up with Noisia, Pythius; announce new album

Black Sun

The Blackout train has well and truly left the station already in 2017, and with the year’s debut single from Black Sun Empire featuring collaborations with Noisia and Pythius the momentum that is being gathered so early is bordering on frightening.

BSE have delivered another beautifully constructed single that blends the tough sound fans are used to with Noisia’s brains and Pythius’ brawn. The depth of knowledge and talent in tandem with BSE’s creative capacity makes the single just the adrenaline shot the scene needed to jump start the year. “The Veil” takes a more scaled back approach by pushing its energy through a souled out bassline, whilst Pythius’ influence can be heard in “Catalyst” as it swings violently, yet gracefully, through a string of hot tempered breaks.

Download it here.

The great news is that this is not just a single release, but the prologue to an epic journey that Black Sun Empire are to embark upon in 2017, with the group stating recently:

“we’re excited to announce we’ve been working on our next album and we’re almost finished, can’t wait to tell everyone more about it soon”

As a statement this is incredible news, as many fans and peers have been waiting for a BSE longplayer for a while. However, when you look at “The Veil”/”Catalyst” as the hors d’oeuvre and appetiser, the main course is guaranteed to attain Michelin star status.


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