Blasterjaxx brings impressive tribute to friendship with new single ‘Super Friends’

Blasterjaxx Super Friends

Dutch DJ/producer duo Blasterjaxx presents its brand new single ‘Super Friends’ today.

Released on their own famed Maxximize Records, the track is the first single off their upcoming album ‘Perspective’, and is inspired by the unconditional, longlasting friendship between the two guys.

‘Super Friends’ is a track already two years in the making. Recently, the Blasterjaxx duo picked up this project again when working on their debut album during a week-long studio session, and finished it in a glorious style. As they emphasize themselves, this first single is a tribute to their years-long friendship as well as a hint to their illustrious past.

Working up some vintage Blasterjaxx energy, drops and melodies, the record also adds an upbeat, positive vibe that takes the duo’s known sound to exciting new soil. Meanwhile, you’re treated to impressive vocal work, courtesy of British singer Jack Wilby, known for his contributions to tracks of artists like Cedric Gervais.

“With ‘Super Friends’ the vocals and positive vibe complement each other perfectly, creating the ultimate ‘friends anthem'”, says Blasterjaxx. “When you hear Jack’s voice along with the catchy, sultry melody in the breakdown, that’s magic. And then there’s this high energy, positive drop that’s proven the key formula for this record.”

As said, ‘Super Friends’ will be the first single of Blasterjaxx’ debut album ‘Perspective’, up for release in July. The duo is known for producing strong, energetic dance tracks, featuring epic melodies, huge drops and touching vocals – assets you will all find on this much-anticipated album. On the other hand, the guys will also present another, more experimental side of themselves, moving from dark to sensitive tunes, showcasing their emotions in various sounds.



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