Bleu Clair Unveils New single, ‘Mistake’

bleu clair mistake

Bleu Clair blazes a trail back over to Insomniac Records with his next single, “Mistake,” an elegant slice of house presented in the purest of forms.

The Indonesian-born virtuoso is coming off a stellar year of releases that have unquestionably pushed Bleu Clair into a league of his own. The insurmountable buzz tied to his name reached critical mass when he closed out 2021 with his long-awaited ‘Prelude’ EP on Insomniac.

In addition to tying up the string of singles he previously placed into circulation, the six-track statement piece served a higher purpose of showcasing the full extent of Bleu Clair’s unshakeable dominion over the dancefloor. He’s ready to raise the stakes once again, this time delivering what is arguably his most refined track to date.

“Mistake” is a flawless first-rate record in every possible sense. An earnest and delicate vocal refrain dwells in a state of gnawing anxiety, slowly finding solace in the sweet, sophisticated groove surrounding it. Frothy percussive arrangements and assuasive string motifs take claim to the lion’s share of its intoxicating appeal, propelling the track ever-forward with a melodic luster that can seemingly right every wrong in the book.

“I’ve worked with Insomniac Records many times, and I’m always impressed by how they push every one of my releases,” says Bleu Clair. “I’m super happy to be able to work with them again.”

The tally for appearances on the Insomniac catalog continues to climb upward for Bleu Clair, having made himself a regular fixture on the imprint since first sprouting up with his mesmeric ‘Hypnotized’ EP.

The title cut still currently stands as one of his most streamed tracks to this day, having amassed close to 3 million plays, with a few of the cuts from his follow-up ‘Prelude’ EP following close behind. His music has also turned some of the most influential names in dance into fans, garnering support from the likes of Skrillex, Diplo, and DJ Snake, as well as securing collabs alongside Matroda AC Slater, Ootoro and Martin Garrix’s Ytram alias. On the live side, he’s been busy darting across North American for a run of dates that will soon see him head over to key markets such as New York, Miami, Montreal, Chicago, Toronto and more. Keep your eyes peeled for new dates announced at a dancefloor near you.

Bleu Clair’s new single “Mistake” is available everywhere via Insomniac Records.


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