Blinders Unveils New Single, ‘Body Burner’

blinders body burner

Just 3 weeks after the release of ‘Pressure (Wanna Feel Good)’, Blinders is blessing everyone with another track ‘Body Burner’.

Showcasing another sound yet again, the track brings a housey and tech-housey vibe while the slow and catchy female vocal combined with the sexy, energetic bassline make you want to dance immediately.

‘Body Burner’ follows up in the storyline that was craftedt for ‘Pressure (Wanna Feel Good)’ with yet another impressive music video created by Blinders himself. Where the last track ended in the main character wanting to escape from pressure and just feel good, ‘Body Burner’ picks up and revolves around finding an asylum.

Closing our eyes, moving your body to the rhythm of the track and feeling your body burn is the best remedy to forget about the pressure and everyday sorrows. The next chapter is coming soon so stay tuned.


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