Blvk Sheep Unveils Stellar New EP “Dissociated”

blvk sheep dissociated

DJ & Producer Richie Buckley better known as Blvk Sheep has just released his highly anticipated EP titled, “Dissociated” following the recent release of his lead single, ‘Life Sucks’ featuring Apollo Vega.

“Dissociated” showcases Blvk Sheep’s musical admirations and influences that illuminate into an energy filled EP.

“Dissociated” is a 2 track EP comprised of lead single, ‘Life Sucks’ feat. Apollo Vega and ‘Let Go’ featuring AFTERMYFALL. ‘Life Sucks’ is a genre defying track filled with raw emotion, sad pop punk elements, melancholy undertones and energy filled electronic components creating a awe-inspiring track.

While, ‘Let Go’ is an energy packed track with heavy hitting electronic beats featuring artist AFTERMYFALL’s boisterous vocal work. Blvk Sheep’s latest EP draws on multi genre influences that give an authentic portrayal of his artistic development and depth as a music artist.

Blvk Sheep shares, “This EP is important to me because I’ve always loved all the elements that I was able to capture in these songs: heavy metal, sad pop punk, hip hop & electronic music all in one. AFTERMYFALL & Apollo Vega did amazing vocal work on both songs & really helped me push the limits on these songs!”


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