Boom Merchant Releases Another EP, ‘Regroup & Lounge’

boom merchant regroup & lounge

Irish techno producer, Boom Merchant is back on his record label Tribal Pulse with an EP featuring two of his techno originals, and breakbeat remixes by Hockins.

One of Boom Merchant’s original tracks could be described as Bicep meets Alan Fitzpatrick, while the other is classic techno with dark atmosphere and industrial drums.

Tribal Pulse is a regular platform for Boom Merchant’s music, but his tracks have also been featured on other respected record labels ranging from Dolma to Autektone.

Hockins is a Ukrainian talent whose breakbeat style is influenced by classic rave and UK garage, and he provides a remix in each of those styles. Alongside previous contributions to Tribal Pulse, Hockins has also featured on Elektroshok Records, Banana Club and 83.

“Regroup & Lounge” combines heavy percussion with the euphoria of a rippling lead synth and emotive tones of the female vocal. “Arparp” is hard-hitting techno with a hammering kick drum and rumbling bassline delivering a relentless groove. Hockins ‘Atmo Remix’ of “Regroup & Lounge” has an old-school breakbeat and acid synth combined with the original’s pads and vocal. Hockins ‘Blue Remix’ is a garage rework with two-step percussion and a new thickset bassline.

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