Borgore Drops First Track Of Forthcoming ‘Slaughterhouse EP’: ‘FYPM’ (Featuring Jonathan)

borgore fypm

It’s been about four years since Borgore last released on Armada Music via his own Buygore imprint, and a lot has changed since then.

Though still a prominent player in global dubstep scene, the Israel-born, L.A.-based DJ and producer has also adopted a fresh, more house-focused sound and is now landing on the Amsterdam-, New York- and London-based record label again to take the first step of this exciting new project via ‘FYPM’ (feat. Jonathan.), the first track of his upcoming ‘Slaughterhouse EP’.

Raising a voice against those sleazy corporate types thinking they can get stuff done for free, Borgore’s ‘FYPM’ comes bearing a huge amount of attitude. From the club-tailored house beat to the sidechained synth glides and Jonathan.’s unequivocal message, this cut well and truly puts its money where its mouth is.

“I got a vocal from Jonathan. that really inspired me and had one of those ‘HIT’ moments when I started working on it”, Borgore says. “It actually took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with the production behind it. I went back and forth through so many different versions, but ultimately, this final came through. It just felt super fun when I added it to my DJ sets, but also different in a ‘I haven’t heard this before’ type of way.”

Hailed as a “bass music sensation” by music outlet Complex, Borgore is one of the foremost figures leading today’s worldwide electronic music generation and one of the youngest pioneers in the global dubstep scene.

The expansive discography of the Tel Aviv-born, L.A.-based artist, who is the sole architect of his self-produced “gorestep” sound, includes three full-length studio albums, multiple EPs and mixtapes, countless singles and remixes in addition to a handful of top-level collaborations with pop music’s elite, including Miley Cyrus, G-Eazy, Diplo and Gucci Mane. Collectively, the Buygore label boss accumulated over 500 million streams and more than 125 million YouTube views.


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