Borgore returns with a masterful EP – The Firest

Borgore The Firest

Known for his hard-hitting music, Borgore has come out with a new EP – The Firest.

Featuring singles like MOP feat. Gucci Mane & THIRTY RACK, Are You Sure Now?, and On The Side feat. Time Dee, the EP sees Borgore going beyond the boundaries of the genre.

The first of the three, MOP features Gucci Mane and THIRTY RACK on it. With an incredibly groovy beginning, the music sees you swaying to its incredibly trippy vibe. The vocals are something you’d want to sing along to and takes you deeper into the hip-hop vibe that this piece exudes. We’d suspect it’ll be an instant add onto your playlist!

There’s something really special for all the dubstep lovers, which comes in the form of the second track, Are You Sure Now? Starting off with intense beats, and great drums works, the track is led by the crisp vocals! A few moments into the track and you’ll see it build-up into a banger of a drop- yeah, it will blow your mind. The rich, and raw texture of the track is smartly combined with the soothing vocals and the track calms you down in the climax, with some piano melodies.

Starting off with atmospheric melodies, the track displays bouncy synth-works which are coupled with some enchanting vocal works. As it picks up the pace, so will your excitement, while the track drops into an energetic sequence. We must say the highlight in this one is the amazing blending of the vocals with the energy of the production.

“This entire year I’ve put out very different styles of music, that I haven’t repeated. For this EP I wanted to continue that and show the diverse music I was creating. I don’t like keeping myself or my music fixed in a certain space- I produce and release what I’m feeling or inspired by. “MOP” came at a great time as I hadn’t released a hip-hop track in a while. I stuck to my core with “Are You Sure Now? – probably one of the heaviest bass tracks I’ve released. But “On The Side (ft. Tima Dee)” was very different, in a good way, and a bit pop-ier than what I’m used to.” – Borgore

It has been a stellar year for Borgore and towards the end of the year comes this cracker of a music pack, which makes sure he remains in your memory for much longer. Surely, The Firest has the potential to set fire to any stage. Buy/Stream here and don’t forget to share it with your friends.


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