Producer Duo BRKLYN Is Back With “Believer”

brklyn believer

BRKLYN, the talented DJ/Producer duo, release their soulful House single “Believer,” boasting upbeat drums and a captivating piano-driven bassline.

On the inspo of the track, BRKLYN shares, “’Believer is a high energy house record. It was inspired by the artists that got us into house music. This is a tune you blast in your car with the windows down!’”

BRKLYN is a talented artist duo consisting of Cameron Alexander and Cody Nadeau, known for their distinct style which combines live instrumentation, resonating top line vocal melodies, and aggressive synthesizers. They are based out of Orange County, California.

With a love for both live instrumentation and electronic music, BRKLYN creates a distinct sound that blends the two seamlessly. They draw inspiration from various sources, including their eclectic background and diverse musical tastes. With a passion for live performance and a dedication to their craft, BRKLYN continues to make waves in the music industry, earning a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim for their innovative sound.

With their undeniable talent, passion for music, and commitment to making a positive impact, BRKLYN has cemented their place as one of the most exciting electronic dance music acts in the industry today.


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