Bro Safari and UFO! unveil part 1 of their album – Clockwork


The first part of Bro Safari and UFO!’s Clockwork album is now out.

The album which is made on the themes of science fiction and space exploration has three tracks that take you on a journey that isn’t of this world! After the release of N.U.M.B, which is a part of the album, the entire pack is now out, leaving you much to explore.

The album begins with ‘N.U.M.B’, which is dark in its texture and instantly gives your imagination a cosmic touch. The track is laced with perfect breaks and an infective tempo, which is coupled with noises that are usually heard in dark open spaces. It starts to get really thumping as we venture into the second half of it which is definitely an experiment that’s worked well!

Starting off with speech-based vocals, and some sounds of a distant waterfall and a deep jungle, the second track, ‘Inaccessible’ drops into a trippy phase laced with some amazing bass work and catchy loops. It gets deeper as the spacey melodies start drawing you into them. With a classic interlude that dives into an upbeat ecstasy of sounds that are wild and other-worldly, the track ends on a perfectly mysterious note.

A fitting end to this dark music is brought forth by the third track ‘Break The Curse’ which is a dynamic piece that creates an immense upsurge of energy and is a perfect one for the big stage performances. With a drop that literally makes you jump instinctively, it is a perfect display of world-class production.

Bro Safari and UFO! will be unveiling their new approach to bass music with a tour, set to hit intimate clubs across North America this fall. Be on the lookout for dates.

The rest of the Clockwork album will be out in discrete segments over the coming few weeks. With the expectations having been set so high with this album, we are certain that the upcoming releases will also be as creative, and experimental in nature. The unique album intends to provide a conceptual listening journey through the artists’ personal influences, taking you closer to their minds. Now all you have to do is wait for the next ones and connect the dots!

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Pavan Kumar


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