Trap Nation Celebrates 10th Anniversary With The Launch Of New Royalty Free Compilation Album, ‘The Blueprint’

broke the blueprint

Trap Nation, the YouTube curation channel launched in 2012 by Andre Benz when he was just 15, has grown into a network of influential channels that comprise more than 60 million subscribers.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Trap Nation, the company will release a brand new, 10-song compilation album, ‘The Blueprint’, on its home-grown broke label imprint. which offers royalty free music to creators on social media platforms.

“It’s incredible to see what I started so long ago as just a YouTube channel has grown into such an influential company with more than 15 people working with thousands of artists, ” says founder Andre Benz. “We’re working on a lot to further develop our curation network for the current and next era of music fans and listeners. At its core though, our mission remains the same. Everything we do has always been about empowering independent artists. Whether it’s an upload on Trap Nation reaching millions of new listeners or signing releases to our label imprints to help support them and give them the best exposure across the other media platforms.”

Broke was launched earlier this year by Trap Nation as a way to give social media creators com-plete access to music with no fee for non-commercial use. Songs on broke can be used to create viral sensations on TikTok, Instagram, Twitch and Twitter without danger of being taken down for copyright issues.

Trap Nation’s Head of Programming Brandon De Oliveira says, “The next fron-tier for Trap Nation and The Nations consists of royalty free catalog, music licensing, and a UGC driven promotional strategy like we’ve never seen before. Huge shout out to the broke team Ben Gourdon-Pound, Jean-David, Sarah Brackett and the others.

Honoring Trap Nation’s storied past and providing opportunity for a new generation of creators, the new initiative was created to celebrate the legends and friendships that helped build Trap Na-tion. Despite the music discovery landscape being ever-changing, at its core, Trap Nation is still the same growing community of die-hard music lovers united by the artists that first introduced them to a sound they resonate with.

President Creighton Burke expressed the significance of the new label’s framework:

“broke feels to our audience like a natural extension of everything we do at The Nations and was launched by a team that actually started off as fans, artists, and fellow creators in the space. Roy-alty-free music has been long overdue for The Nations; for as long as we can remember we have always faced the same thought-provoking and existential question: ‘is this song copyright-free, can I use it in my video?’ and now we have an answer to that. Facing overcomplicated licensing terms, confusing legal jargon, and termed use periods, it is extremely difficult for a typical creator to navigate what’s currently available as copyright-free/DMCA free/royalty-free. Presently, the main source of royalty free music exists in subscription-based online databases of tens of thou-sands of songs, where very few artists stand to gain any real opportunity.broke., offers a unique alternative for artists and creators.”

In celebration of the launch of the new initiative the genre-agnostic label, broke has released a 10-track compilation album featuring artists that helped launch the Trap Nation brand.

The album entitled ‘The Blueprint’ will feature names that have established undeniable legacies for them-selves in both Trap Nation and their own respective communities such as; Besomorph, DISTO, Culture Code, K-Theory, Cesqeaux, Not Your Dope, REVOKE, and more.

Besomorph, long time friend and priority artist featured on The Blueprint, shared his excitement about the project and praise for Trap Nation. “Trap Nation was the first platform that introduced me to a big audience and the EDM World. Not only was that the most important event in my life but it established me as an artist and brought me broad recognition that helped shape my career.”

Check out the full tracklisting for The Blueprint below.

1. “Midnight Sadness” featuring Wisner – Besomorph and RIELL
2. “Without U” – Disto
3. “Always Be You” – Culture Code
4. “Save the Day” – Revoke
5. “Don’t Say Goodbye” – Not Your Dope
6. “When I’m Gone” – K Theory
7. “Unstoppable” – Cesqeaux
8. “Levitate” featuring Trias, LV-L8, and William $hawn
9. “Gametime” featuring Beatsmash and Aytac Turkut
10. “Raiders” – Kujah


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