Broken Back exudes raw joy in his latest acoustic performance [WATCH]

Broken Back Young Love Acoustic

Before his music career, Broken Back was a motivated entrepreneur and business student named Jérôme Fagnet.

Tragedy unexpectedly struck when he was just 22 years old. Jérôme’s back gave out and he was confined to a bed. Instead of waiting to recover, he used his new free time to create music. After posting his work on SoundCloud, he became a viral sensation, has since been professing positivity through his music and art.

With a unique flair for French and African beats and a blend of world music laced with infectious grooves, Broken Back delivers another strong performance. What perhaps stands out the most in Broken Back’s acoustic performance of “Young Love,” is the raw joy that Broken Back exudes throughout his quirky, stripped-down performance.

Spotify users can stream it here.

The video and lyrical content remind us to let go and fully embrace life. We may not be able to control life’s happenings, but we can certainly strap in and enjoy the ride.


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