Camoufly Unveils New Single, “Alone (With U)” First Single Released From Faith EP

camoufly alone (with u)

Mesmerizing listeners with cathartic synthwork and syncopated beats, mysterious producer camoufly continues to rejuvenate the dance floor with new single, “alone (with u).”

Releasing as the first single from camoufly’s upcoming FAITH EP, “alone (with u)” serves as testament to the enigmatic beatmaker’s impeccable production prowess.

Out April 13th, “alone (with u) kicks off with distorted vocal chops melting alongside an intensifying wash of sound and shimmering percussive elements. The tune smoothly delves into colorful sonic blips, textured crackles of sound, baile funk-influenced drums, and layers of halcyon cadence before wrapping up with hushed guitar strumming and reverberated crooning. In its entirety, “alone (with u)” wows with its jubilant atmospheres and is a spirited glimpse at camoufly’s impending EP.

“‘Alone’ is both the first track I worked on for this EP, and the last to be finished. I’ve been wanting to make something influenced by baile funk for so long, and I think that doing it this way — by using my own signature sounds — was the only way to do it. Oh and did you hear that outro? Those are my two friends Alice and Pedro. I just thought the EP needed a “back to reality” moment, so what’s better than a cute conversation between two lovers at the end of a song?” – camoufly

camoufly’s meteoric rise began with the release of his Apotheosis EP last year, which garnered global praise through its Spotify playlist features on “New Music Friday,” “Dance Rising,” and “creamy.” This rising talent continued to ride the momentum and released his sophomore EP titled The Giant, which earned an exclusive premiere on Forbes and locked in camoufly for the cover of the “creamy” playlist for more than one month.

The masked producer capped off 2021 with the receival of “Best Artist” and “Best Emerging Artist” awards at the Audius Awards in 2021. Strapped with an irresistible sound and an incredible production artillery, the question of camoufly’s rise to the upper echelons of dance music is not a matter of ‘if,’ but ‘when.’


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