Canadian Electronic Artist – Jay Slay, Reveals The Winners Of “All Night Long” Remix Competition

jay slay songs

Canadian electronic artist Jay Slay brings you the top 4 winners of the Digital Empire Records “All Night Long” remix competition!!

Building upon the successes of original track these winners were carefully selected for really taking the track in new and exciting directions.

Zakkov’s 1st place winning remix is packed to the brim with warmth and summery festival vibes. Klang Konzert’s is slick, high energy, with a bangin’ drop. The remix by Ash Knight has got some serious depth and groove that evolves into tropical flavours and rhythms. Krutz complete the package with some dark and dirty vibes.

With sultry vocals by Kelly Alaina, the track tells a spooky tale of love, told in a music video designed with appeal to all ages in mind. It’s a story about yearning and the fleeting nature of life in which she brings to being her love, a creature who she can only be with for one night. The video also features accomplished performer Michelle Molineux.

This is his 11th release, 3rd as Jay Slay, with 8 under his previous artist name J-Hamz.


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