CLUBZ Delivers Remix Of CAPYAC’s “Take Me Closer”

capyac take me closer clubz

At the heels of their widely-celebrated second debut album CAPYAC FOREVER, P. Sugz and Potion AKA CAPYAC pass off their track “Take Me Closer” to Mexican duo CLUBZ for a spirited and groovy remix.

This synthwave-inspired flip marks the third remix in a series of many taken from the album. A welcome addition to the catalog, this fresh flip is due for release Friday, November 5th via Eye in the Sky Collective and ONErpm.

Relentlessly funky and far out to boot, LA-based electronic crossover act CAPYAC are anything but ordinary. The duo, comprised of Eric Peana (P. Sugz) and Delwin Campbell (Potion), breathe a new life into disco, house, and everything in between.

With a penchant for all things surreal, CAPYAC blurs the lines between music, art, fashion, and theatrics. Their thrilling breakout hit “Speedracer” inspired fans, critics, and immortal shapeshifters from all walks of life marking the genesis of an impactful career. Innovators both in the studio and on-stage, their high-energy live sets are marked by costumes, dance troupes, collaborations, and on-the-nose tomfoolery.

Behind a veil of riotous behavior and ludicrous antics, CAPYAC’s musical prowess is one defined by cutting-edge sound design and a serious attention to the technical details of what makes dance music so extraordinary. Dabbling in minimal techno, spy-movie theme songs, trap jazz, nu-disco, and every genre that exists where the dancefloor meets the dancer, CAPYAC makes universal music for extraterrestrial lifeforms and earth-dwellers alike.

At the heels of their second debut album CAPYAC FOREVER and a year of critical acclaim from tastemakers by the likes of Rolling Stone India, Early Rising, Pop Matters, Magnetic Magazine, Wonderland, and more, CAPYAC is enlisting producers from across the globe to remix select singles taken from the album.

These uniquely crafted remixes give the album a fresh new take through the lens of a worldwide perspective. Following French native Anoraak’s disco flip of their single “Losing It,” and Dutch dup Fouk’s remix of “Sanctuary,” CAPYAC lends “Take Me Closer” to Mexican electronic-crossover act CLUBZ.

Pioneers of reviving the nostalgic 80’s and 90’s vibe inside the Mexican music scene, CLUBZ is regarded internationally as one of the most innovative and authentic duos out of Monterey. Originally from Nuevo Leon, Orlando Fernández and Coco Santos consistently expose a fresh post-pop perspective to level-up alternative Latin fusion.

Taking off after their debut album Texturas, CLUBZ earned Best Pop Album and Best New Artist at the 2015 IMAS awards. The duo continued their winning streak signing to CANADA EDITORIAL later that year and earned the Best Song Award for “Épocas” at IMAS in 2016. They continue to hold a bold influence across the globe and have garnered praise from Fader, Remezcla, and

On the same scale, CLUBZ has collaborated with major brands such as Toyota and SXSW. With a rapidly growing audience and a cool 400k monthly Spotify listeners, CLUBZ tackles a remix of CAPYAC’s “Take Me Closer” in their signature synthwave style. Nuanced from the original, the duo’s remix flaunts a beautiful vocoded harmony, infectious precision, and a funky bassline. CLUBZ’s wavy flair certainly gives the record a proper second wind and solidifies “Take Me Closer’s” place as a dance classic.


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