Cardi B teases collaboration with Marshmello

Marshmello Cardi B

If you remember the tweet from Marshmello a few weeks ago, where he intended to work with Cardi B this year, we know you’re already hoping that the collaboration happened.

Well, here’s some news about the positive developments between the two artists! Cardi B just took to Instagram to hint that (it was actually a clear giveaway) the collaboration is really happening!

Marshmello has been trying a bunch of new things each year, which has helped his name soar in the top charts across the globe multiple times! Carbi B, on the other hand, has been one of the most influential artists in recent times!

Definitely, the new track from these two will break the radio and ensure to cement its place in the top slots of all major charts! We just can’t wait to see that happen!

Stay tuned as we bring more news to you regarding this iconic collaboration!

Pavan Kumar


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