Carnage drops massive trap banger – El Diablo


Carnage has released El Diablo ,a screamer – quite literally, feat. Sludge. The track is out on his own label, Heavyweight Records and is an absolute display of the unconventional and snarling production style of Carnage.

The trap banger starts off with a melody that sounds mysterious and quite literally feels bassy and heavy. The track very quickly transforms into a fast paced banger, leading to the screeching display of the shout, “El Diablo”.

The video provides a jarring effect when it drops and one can notice the massacre that it created when he dropped during his European tour, at Hungary’s Balaton Sound, Electric Love Festival in Austria, Croatia’s Black Sheep Festival and the French Electro Beach Festival. A trap lover’s treat, this one is.

This follows the release of his latest hip-hop album Battered Bruised & Bloody which features Migos and Lil Pump among others. With this current release, he comes back to his dance music roots.

Carnage, who is also known by the name Thirty Rack, is a Guatemala born – American DJ. Over the years, he has grown in the industry in a big way, with collaborations with DJs like KSHMR, Borgore, Timmy Trumpet and Headhunterz.

With hits like ‘Incredible’, ‘Toca’ and his biggest one, ‘The Underground” with Alvaro which hit #4 on Beatport’s Top 100 list he has made a strong mark in the industry. His debut album ‘Papi Gordo’ also made it to Billboard Top 200, which includes tracks like ‘Touch’ , ‘Bricks’ , ‘November Skies’.

He is known for his incredible energy on stage and the unconventional ways of his music production. This track comes out with his Guatemala benefit event Desde Las Cenizas to happen on the 14th of August and his 4th feature in the annual RARE Festival in Orlando.

We can certainly see this track being played in all of those huge stages!

Pavan Kumar

Pavan Kumar

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Pavan Kumar

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