Casual T Releases Inspiring Cut “Still Thinking of You”

casual t still thinking of you

Storming 2021 with his innovative touch and versatile dexterity, Austin-based Travis Drews AKA Casual T delivers his brilliant new single “Still Thinking of You”.

Travis Drews knows how to command a stage. A leading force in the Live Music Capital of The World, Austin-based artist Casual T is an electric labyrinth of sound and show. The rising producer/DJ’s passion for dance music was prompted by a near-death experience at a music festival. In 2012, Drews was attending a festival that hosted legendary acts like Nero, Afrojack, and Dr. P when his lungs collapsed from the weight of the bass. Like alchemy, Drews turned tragedy into art, giving birth to his magnum opus- Casual T. A charismatic figure both onstage and in the studio, Casual T distills characteristics of bass, pop, hip-hop, and electronica to forge his fluid signature sound. A proficient scratch DJ/teacher, Casual T is equal parts old-school and futuristic. Casual T has performed at events by the likes of Euphoria Music Festival, Waterloo Music Festival, ESPN’s X Games, along with various showcases across the Texas Hill Country. Celebrated by the likes of The Daily Texan, EARMILK,, EDM Identity, and many more, Casual T has captured the attention of music consumers and critics alike. With celebrated projects across his discography from his 2019 Lovers? EP and recently released singles “Transcendence” and “Requiem for the Real,” Casual T is a tried and true creator. Continuing his bustling year-long release schedule, Casual T is back with his third single of 2021 “Still Thinking of You.” A beat-driven, house-inspired, electro-pop gem, “Still Thinking of You” is Casual T at his best. A track about love and sanity, this Austin artist flexes both his emotional intellectuality and musical gift on “Still Thinking of You.” Watch this space.

“We have all been there. It’s a song about heartbreak. I did my best to capture a feeling of longing in the simple drop melody and sad counter melody. I put a child’s laughter sound right before the second drop in order to show how crazy one can feel after a bad breakup. Loving someone can make you question your sanity sometimes.” – Casual T


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