Cat Dealers Unveils New Single, ‘Stronger’

cat dealers stronger

To keep spirits up once Miami Music Week is finished, the Cat Dealers will be releasing new club banger “Stronger” in collab with HRRTZ on April 1st.

A major success throughout their recent live shows, Cat Dealers’ ‘Stronger’ can effortlessly hype up the crowd. From the raw and powerful production to HRRTZ’s empowering lyrics and Leo Stannard’s authentic vocal performance, this track is bound to rule dance floors for a long time to come. Give it a listen here.

Having played in all continents, including venues in the US, China, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Australia, Ireland, Thailand, Italy and Spain, the Cat Dealers will be continuing their international campaign this April. The second leg of their North American tour will count with gigs from Montreal to San Diego. The duo has a growing fan base in the US, having played prestigious clubs such as the Marquee in NYC and having their own party at Miami Music Week, named Cat House Sessions.


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