Change Of Pace Present Their Spotify Playlist Selections

change of pace spotify playlist

Grand Theft Auto are a label currently making waves; an independent imprint based out of Manchester, they’ve been responsible for delivering some of the most exciting new talent from across drum & bass over the past twelve months.

One of their most recent releases was from Milton Keynes / Bedford act Change of Pace, who presented ‘The Great British Fry Up’, an EP which nods to their cross genre influences.

Having started their rave journey in the early 2000s, they’ve allowed their production to evolve alongside dance music’s movements. With names like South Yard Music, Random Concept Origins and Noxious records already sitting as part of their back catalogue, they were a welcome addition to the Grand Theft Audio family.

To celebrate their latest EP, we’ve asked Change of Pace to provide a run down of the tracks they’ve been spinning in their Spotify playlists recently. You can grab a copy of their new release here and be sure to check out their choices below for an idea of what inspires their sounds.

DRS – Can’t Explain ft. Document One

Great tune from DRS and Document One… love how DRS tells a story and gives such honest reflection on this album, which is a piece of art in itself, one of the true voices of DNB… We will always rock a DRS tune in a set… And let’s not forget the sublime production skills from Document One as per!

Unkoded & Hannah Collins – Too Late

Loving this one out on the legendary Chronic Recordings… Authentic jungle vibes, features a soothing female vocal, lovely 808s and well worked breaks… This one would be sure to get the dancefloor moving.

Pyxis – Vegvísir

A beautiful deep and driving liquid roller from Pyxis from the Grand Theft Audio Annual… Can’t believe this is the first track we heard from her… She is definitely one to watch!

Nia Archives – So Tell Me

We wanted to include a track by Nia Archives as she’s a trailblazer at the moment, every time it comes on the radio its getting turned up… Some might argue it’s pop but her golden era mix would put any FB dnboomer to shame, her tracks are very well done with her use of the classic breaks always sounding true to the roots, you can’t deny she’s got a vibe!

Change of Pace ft Domini – Surgical

We had to include one of our own and this is our track from the Grand Theft Audio Fresh Music Annual. We teamed up with Matt’s brother and keyboard genius Domini to deliver Surgical, a no holds barred melodic but break heavy rollercoaster ride that walks the line somewhere between jump up and liquid.

Justin Hawkes – Inheritance

Dreamy, pitched vocals collapsing over into deep dark bass stabs make this track a belter. The groove and placement of the bass punches really make this an interesting, funky track.

Levela – Alone

Big fans of Levela. Production value is incredible. This track has that eerie, haunting value but with a driving reese and weight sub freqs. The vocals also add that extra hook layer which rides beautifully over the track.

Baron – Hell Billy

We had to include this as Matt used to play it religiously in every set when we were growing up playing at hall parties and our early foray into warehouse parties. Although we both love the tune, it was a running joke between us whether Matt was going to play it or not… And he did every time, without fail.

Misanthrop – Feel

One of our favourites off the ‘Analog’ album from a few years back. The driving, emotive nature of the synth progression really makes this a deep and underrated track.

IMANU – Empress

IMANU needs no introduction. We love how creatively this track blends an old skool jungle vibe with a modern electronica feel, all within a 10 / 4 time signature.


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