Charlotte De Witte Finally Releases “Vision” EP

charlotte de witte vision ep

After teasing her fans about the EP last month, Techno Titan Charlotte de Witte opens the gates with her new EP, “Vision”.

“Vision” opens with an honest, four to the floor track named after the very same EP. With perky and crunchy textures smelted hard into the record, “Vision” makes for a perfect start.

The EP continues to provide an extra energy follow through which is named “Out of Balance”. This track definitely shows Charlotte’s Signature Acid Techno sound and provides for a great experience throughout. Charlotte then moves into her next track “Unthoughtful” which is screaming 90’s techno trance and is a perfect fit in CDW’s Sets. A Kangding Ray rendition is also released alongside the original which explores the much explosive side of the originally gentle track. Give it a listen below.

Charlotte de witte has been busy recently. She is not only pumping out regular live sets from Studio Brussel and Mixmag. She has recently streamed her final mix for BBC Radio 1.

Mmkrishna Cherla


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