Charlotte De Witte’s ‘Formula’ EP Channels An Enthralling Persona Of Hard-Hitting Techno

charlotte de witte formula ep

Belgian born DJ/Producer Charlotte De Witte needs no introduction, catapulting to mainstage stardom in such a short span of time, with her bold and hard hitting brand of techno.

Following up from a highly successful ‘Rave On Time’ EP, the KNTXT label boss has since capitulated a niche, beguile brand of techno with her ability to enthral with her distinct yet prominent production capabilities.

Charlotte De Witte’s latest offering ‘Formula’ EP is a celebration of her talent, following a linear path of her past exploits on the production front.

The EP opens with the highly sought after tune ‘Doppler’, an ID that’s been a staple in her sets over the last few months, playing to the familiar colossal kick drum and a riveting lead line that’s sure to grip the listener audience at clubs and stages alike.

Charlotte further extends her unique musical personality with the stunning ‘RPM’, a riveting trance-like sense of perpetual motion and unwinding fervour. Leading to an emphatic breakdown with prominent Formula 1-esque samples, the tune once again builds to an emphatic and 303 infused four on the floor stomper, that’s sure to be a staple in various DJ sets around the world.

The EP closes with its namesake tune, depicting a hypnotic repetition of 303 based synths and punchy drumlines, signifying the peak dance floor influence that Charlotte does so well. The record brings back the Formula 1-esque sample, that seems to be a favourite across the EP, with the hard hitting alluring energy that draws curtains on a wonderful EP.

‘Formula’ encapsulates the raw and vigorous nature of Charlotte’s production prowess that decodes her domination on the global scene. Following her colossal return, we’re already looking forward to her next offering!


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