Charlotte Rosse Reveals New ‘Acoustic’ EP Completed By Heartfelt Rendition Of George Michael’s ‘One More Try’

charlotte rosse acoustic

Charlotte Rosse, the London and Monaco based singer-songwriter with a voice backed by none other than Dame Shirley Bassey, will release her brand new acoustically arranged EP on 3rd September.

Completed by an exquisitely powerful rendition of George Michael’s ballad ‘One More Try’, the EP includes her original song ‘Raise A Toast’, and a cover of Dua Lipa’s ‘Hallucinate’, transformed by Charlotte’s incredible, classically trained vocals supported by acoustic arrangements.

‘One More Try’ is accompanied by an emotional, black and white, performance video in which Charlotte’s classic tastes shine through. Speaking of the release, and giving detail on what the song means to her, Charlotte said: “The third song from my acoustic EP is a tribute to the often overlooked George Michael. I wanted to refer with my latest release to the sound of the early 90’s and he was one of the biggest icons of that time. I have never before released such a vulnerable song, I think people already know the dramatic side of me and this time I wanted to share a different more gentle side. Still I performed the song in a soulful, classically influenced way backed by the piano and a string quartet.”

“Dear Charlotte, I am in awe of your voice, it is so powerful” – Dame Shirley Bassey

Through a chance encounter on a beach in Monaco, Charlotte Rosse recently met one of her all time heroes, Dame Shirley Bassey. After explaining how she was a singer, and that she had covered the iconic ‘Diamonds Are Forever’, Dame Shirley asked to hear some of Charlotte’s music. A few days later Charlotte received her most treasured piece of feedback to date. In a letter addressed to her, Dame Shirley Bassey wrote “Dear Charlotte, I’ve just listened to your CD, and I am in awe of your voice, it is so powerful. Your diction is great and so are your arrangements. Your version of ‘Diamonds are Forever’ is the very best I have heard. Wishing you every success. Yours truly, Dame Shirley Bassey”

Charlotte’s dramatic, grandstanding voice is a lightning rod of power and control. She was discovered at the age of eight, winning a national choral singing contest in her native Poland, and going on to study opera at the Academy of Music in Lodz.

Suffering mental abuse from her teacher, she fled to London and worked as a receptionist while enduring many of the traumas the city can present to a young woman, she realised that contemporary music is where her real passion lies.

Now based between London and Monaco, Charlotte’s life is only one breakthrough song away from being a fairytale, with all the dark moments they involve.

This is reflected in her music, as unique as you’d hope from someone who has chosen to tell her story via pop rather than get caught up being an operatic prima donna, as fate seemingly had decreed.

Charlotte Rosse’s forthcoming new ‘Acoustic EP is out now, completed by her new single ‘One More Try’.


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