Chemical Surf & Dual Channels Team Up For Groovy Collab, “Wow”

chemical surf dual channels wow

Brazilian duo Chemical Surf joined forces with Dual Channels for their latest single “Wow”. This groovy monster is out on all digital shelves and here is why you need it to be in your personal playlist.

The sound of the duo has been revolving around Brazilian bass and it has been evolving since the start. Partnering up with another Brazilian duo Dual Channels, who possess a similar taste in music, has produced profound results. Give it a listen.

Simplicity is key. This mantra has worked out for many genres. Implementing the same strategy in Brazilian bass has helped Chemical Surf and Dual Channels put out some solid fireworks through this record. This strange amalgamation of simple ideas forged a Bouncy dancefloor hit that can rock any crowd across the world. Perky basslines and minimal fillers really build the very soul of this groovy monstrosity.

This record is nothing short of the “Wow” factor and definitely lives up to the title. If this is the trajectory Chemical surf and Dual Channels chose to tread, then we are really excited for everything that will be released after this.


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