CHIME Reveals New Single “Cloud Factory”

chime cloud factory

On latest release “Arcade Dwellers,” Chime joined forces with fellow gamer and musician MDK for a supercharged, 8-bit infused electro house tune.

Now, the Rushdown label founder and colour bass pioneer returns with new single “Cloud Factory” on forthcoming Colour Bass Volume 3, a vitalizing compilation out January 28th via Rushdown.

“Cloud Factory” is a classic colour bass tune, fueled by scintillating synth work and pixelated tonality. Highlighting the UK producer’s’ variegated mechanics, melodic harmonies are mutated into bouncy, swing-powered chromatic breakdowns. Flickering between metallic growls and symphonic chord progressions, “Cloud Factory” displays the meticulous artistry behind the creation of colour bass.

“It’s an absolute joy to work as a curator in this scene and help create opportunities for other artists. I find it much more fulfilling to help develop a thriving community rather than focus on solely my own career’s success.

Similarly, working with that community on brand new sounds and techniques has helped to expand my favourite niche flavour of our sub-genre that I thought was doomed to disappear only a few years ago. This compilation represents these elements as a celebration of collaboration and innovation and I am so proud of everyone’s involvement here!” – Chime

A dignified name in the world of bass music, UK producer and DJ Chime is intent on creating innovative, barrier-breaking tunage. After coining the term “colour bass,” a style of bass music packed with rich tonality and pulverizing sound design, Chime released his own label Rushdown to catalyze the colour bass movement.

Since then, the label has housed many notable names including Papa Khan, Ace Aura, and many more. “Cloud Factory” exemplifies each and every moving part of colour bass production, and how it fits together to make one well-oiled machine.


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