China-Based Duo Intro To Music Theory Release Debut Single ‘The California Almond’

intro to music theory the california almond

Intro to Music Theory return to the release radar with another jazz-infused house masterpiece, ‘The California Almond’. The duo’s latest directly follows their debut EP ‘Toot The Bad Horn’ from earlier in the year, and is also the lead single off of their forthcoming debut album ‘First Inversion’, set for release next month.

The pair provide an exciting sneak peek as for what to expect with ‘The California Almond’, out now and available to listen to across all streaming platforms via HMP Records.

The nearly four-and-a-half minute atmospheric endeavor immediately kicks off with a flowing, wholly infectious rhythm. Entrancing from start to finish, the funky, feelgood tune quickly introduces various instrumentation into the sonic space, in addition to chopped vocal cuts that add an energetically enticing flair.

In all, the latest to come from IMT is an eclectic and lively original house music production that boasts an ambiance that is equal parts mellow and upbeat, an audibly perfect combination courtesy of the innovatively talented duo.

Matt Waters and Matthew Busch, known collectively as Intro to Music Theory, are a Hainan, China-based duo who came to fruition in 2019. Their first single, 2020’s ‘Joyce’, served as a pivotal career point, paving the way for them to experience immense success in the year to follow in the crypto and NFT space, as well as with their debut EP ‘Toot The Bad Horn’.

Initially from Los Angeles, Waters and Busch have dabbled in many genres, and eventually moved to China where they have since pivoted to creating their own unique take on electronic music.

The pair has also announced an extremely exciting contest in which fans can submit their very own remix of ‘The California Almond’. By doing so, one enters for a chance to win a litany of exclusive prizes, such as guaranteed releases on HMP and Dao Records, 1 of 1 NFTs, access to IMT’s sample library, and much, much more.

With their highly-anticipated debut full-length album ‘First Inversion’ slated for release later this summer, fans and listeners alike can expect even more sonic magic from the ingenious musical duo moving into the remainder of 2021.


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