Chris Cowley teams up with Steve S, Decibel Rockerz & Denyse Le Page for “Agent 808”


Award-winning German artist Chris Cowley, Steve S, and the multiple hit-making Decibel Rockerz join forces to create an intense piece of music in “Agent 808” which features the award-winning synth group from Quebec, Denyse Le Page. The track is now out on the KHB Music imprint.

This irresistible track reminds you of the 80s as the artists pay tribute to the Roland 808. With a moving bassline that keeps you on the edge of your seats right throughout, the track ensures you immerse yourself in some classy, elegant music. With the robotic vocal bits going in loops, the track displays every emotion, from a haunting feeling to a loving one. Piano works in the middle transport you a world of euphoria, before taking you on a ride that makes you truly believe that you’re in the 80s disco. Anyone with a keen sense of music will relish this composition for a long time!

Chris Cowley is multiple golden records award-winning singer, songwriter, sound engineer, and DJ best known for tracks like “Your Lovemachine”, “Summerbreeze” and more, who joins the likes of Steve S – a renowned producer from Italy. Decibel Rockerz a.k.a Maximillian Illig is a sound engineer, FundMusic label boss, movie and TV composer and is one of techno’s most influential techno producer.

Denyse Le Page was a group that started way back in 1981 and is one that has produced amazing tracks like “Your Love”, “You’re My Magician” and many more, which earned them multiple gold tracks, and Billboard No.1 singles.

It’s really amazing to start a new year with a track that pays homage to the vintage essence of dance music. We bet you’ll love it. Download it and don’t forget to share it with your friends right now!

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